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Moms Best Friend.. The Diaper bag

Every mom knows how vital it is to have a well packed diaper bag for your day trips with baby.  I can not even begin to tell you how may times I've left the house ill-prepared and watched my day slowly fall apart because I had forgotten to pack the oh so desirable teething giraffe.  But fear not! We are going to go over the items that I have learned not to leave the house without.  Everything from diapers to toys and a few product recommendations. Here goes nothing!

1. Diapers of course!  Typically I have about 5 diapers in my bag at all times.  During the first few months I would keep 8-10 just incase there was an unexpected blowout or the inevitable pee immediately after being changed.  

2. Wipes, again it's pretty obvious but some of us may forget to pack them on occasion due to severe sleep deprivation and lack of caffeine in our system because, let's face it, you can't remember where you set your cup of coffee down.  Don't worry, it's probably in the bathroom, where you left it when you were trying to pee in peace.  I've tried to maintain a stash of at least half of a pack of wipes in the bag at all times.  You may also find it helpful to leave a full package in your car as well for the unexpected accident. They also come in handy when you have to quickly clean your car before your mother in law jumps in the passenger seat.

3. An extra outfit.  Carters Sleep and Plays are my go-to.  They are quick and simple and require no effort.  On the rare occasion that I decided to pack a "real" outfit it would consist of a onsie, pants and a pair of socks.

4. Swaddle blanket.  I'll admit that I didn't use these with my oldest child due to the high price of such a thin peice of fabric. But boy oh boy am I happy that I decided to buy them the second time around because these are lifesavers! The Levtex Muslin sets are my personal favorite and come in an assortment of beautiful colored designs. These are an absolute must in my book. Especially if you are having a spring or summer baby.

5.  Tushy cream!  The brand doesn't matter unless your baby has some sort of allergy.  This is one item you do not want to be caught without.  An uncomfortable baby makes for a miserable mama.  I've found that for my kids A+D has worked the best.  If I know there is going to be a long gap in between diaper changes (such as long car rides) I will apply the cream before hand to prevent a rash from developing.